AV Policy

Premises Licence Holders under the Licensing Act 2003 are required to have and implement an Age Verification Policy. We can provide certificates of conformity against standards of best practice in age verification. These can be used as evidence of having and effective and monitored age verification policy in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act (Mandatory Conditions) Order 2010.

We can provide you with:

  • Pre-Audit Assessment of your approach against the requirements of the Licensing Act (Mandatory Conditions) Order 2010
  • A Pre-Approval Audit as a part of any Regulatory Requirements (such as additional conditions imposed by local licensing authorities)
  • Ongoing Audit & Surveillance of your Age Verification Policy Certification, this can include test purchasing, staff training monitoring and systems reviews.

For more information about our Age Verification Policy Certification Services please contact us.

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