PAS 1296:2018

PAS 1296:2018 is a Code of Practice for Online Age Verification service providers developed by the British Standards Institute and the Digital Policy Alliance. The PAS – a Publicly Available Specification – is intended to assist providers of age restricted products and services online (such as gambling, adult content or goods) with a means to adopt and demonstrate best practice and compliance.

Claims of conformity against PAS 1296:2018 should be verified by an independent third party (called ‘other party’ in the PAS) certification scheme. Currently PAS 1296:2018 is not eligible for UKAS accreditation under ISO 17065:2012, but our systems and processes for certification are all set up in accordance with these provisions.

The age verification suppliers are assessed against the PAS 1296:2018 standards by our team qualified auditors to ensure that they operate to the highest standards. A certificate of conformity issued by us can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulators, such as the Gambling Commission, British Board of Film Classification or local trading standards officials.

The types of business that can apply for certification include:

  • Age ID Providers that verify age attributes and issue a reusable physical ID card, token or app that an unknown third party (such as a retailer) can rely on without a pre-arranged contractual relationship with the Age ID Provider
  • Age Check Providers that verify age attributes on request by a third party on a transaction-by-transaction basis under a pre-arranged contractual relationship with the Age Check Provider
  • Age Check Exchange Providers that provide an online gateway for Age Check Providers and Relying Parties to access user asserted, permissioned and verified attributes
  • Relying Parties that rely on results of an age check (either remotely or during a face-to-face encounter) to establish the age-related eligibility of an individual for the purposes of a transaction

Some types of age check provider may fall into more than one category.

We can provide you with:

  • Pre-Audit Assessment of your approach against the PAS 1296:2018 Code of Practice
  • A Pre-Approval Audit as a part of any Regulatory Requirements (such as under Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act 2017 (online pornography age verification) or the Licence Condition & Social Responsibility Code under the Gambling Act 2005)
  • Ongoing Audit & Surveillance of your PAS 1296:2018 Certification

For more information about our PAS 1296:2018 Certification Services please contact us.

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