Regulator’s Code

We provide the UK’s nationally recognised Advanced Practitioner in Age Restricted Sales Enforcement training for regulatory officers operating in trading standards, police, licensing authorities and other regulators. We also provide certificates of conformity for regulators on adopting and applying the government’s Regulatory Delivery Code of Practice for Enforcers of Age Restricted Products and Services Legislation. This can help regulators to demonstrate internally and externally their approach accords with best practice and is set up to help businesses to comply and grow.

Our team of specialist trading standards and audit professionals can provide in-depth assessment and audit of compliance with the provisions of the Code of Practice.

We can provide you with:

  • Pre-Audit Assessment of your approach against the Regulatory Delivery Code of Practice
  • A Pre-Approval Audit as a part of any Internal or External Requirements (such as ISO 9001 Management Systems; Local Scrutiny Panel Reviews; Challenges During Legal Proceedings)
  • Ongoing Audit & Surveillance of your Regulatory Delivery Code of Practice Certification

For more information about our Regulatory Delivery Code of Practice Certification Services please contact us.

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