Verime Limited gains PAS1296:2018 Certification

Age Verification service provider Verime Limited, of Marsh Wall in London have become the first to achieve independent 3rd party certification under PAS1296:2018 – the Code of Practice for Online Age Verification.

Verime ( provide verification against the content bar status of mobile telephones issued in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Their certificate of conformity to PAS1296:2018 states:

“That Verime Limited, as an Age Attribute Broker, can accurately, appropriately and to acceptable and identified levels of assurance disseminate to a relying party whether or not an age 18 content bar is applicable to a UK-issued Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN) based upon age verification carried out by a third party OFCOM-licensed mobile network operator in accordance the Mobile UK Code of practice for the self-regulation of content on mobiles (V3, 1/7/13).”

The full certificate of conformity is available here – Verime Certificate of Conformity.

Tony Allen, Chief Executive of the Age Check Certification Service said:

“We welcome the first certification under PAS1296:2018. Verime have been able to demonstrate that their processes are robust, accurately report the content barring status of mobile telephones and can act as a method of age verification in retail transactions.”

Rudd Apsey, Director of Business Development for Verime Ltd said:

“We have worked tirelessly for the last three years to ensure that our age verification technology is the most robust and secure solution available. The PAS1296 certification augments the voluntary standards outlined by the BBFC, which don’t address how third-party websites handle consumer data.”